What We Do

what we do

Electrical Systems & Design

MTR provides customized services to meet the unique requirements of your industrial or commercial facility from complex electrical system installations and emergency repairs to diagnosing and troubleshooting equipment failures.  We take pride in providing cost-effective solutions to some of our customer’s most demanding needs.


We fully understand the value of downtime and business interruptions.  We will work with you to provide services in a manner that will have minimal negative impact to your operation.  Regardless of the size of the project, each customer receives the same detailed attention.


With thorough communication, we take the time to fully understand your needs and devise solutions that will work for you.  We combine our design, engineering, and construction knowledge to provide skilled project management leading to successful project completion that is on-time and within budget.

Automation and control systems

We provide innovative solutions to address control automation and systems integration challenges.  We have the knowledge and experience to assist you from the conceptual design stage through the installation and commissioning of the project. 


We provide complete control system services of PLC logic and HMI improvement modifications and enhancements through complete control system upgrades.  Our capabilities span across the full spectrum of hardware installation, instrumentation calibrations, PID tuning, I/O checkout, and commissioning services for new construction and upgraded systems.


With vast knowledge of industrial power and control systems, we are equipped to troubleshoot your process and control system to get you back to full production as soon as possible. 

Instrumentation Checkout

We offer field calibration and tuning services for your field instrumentation devices such as temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, process flow transmitters, flow control valves, and I/P transducers. Keeping your field devices calibrated will ensure that you are operating at an optimum efficiency.

Oftentimes, original equipment drawings haven’t been updated to show the modifications that have been made or the I/O points that have been moved over the years. Completing an I/O checkout can be a very critical step during the startup phase of commissioning a new project or the startup phase of an upgrade project. If this step is skipped, many hours can be spent troubleshooting an equipment startup issue resulting from a simple wire labeling issue, a miswiring issue, or modifications made from years past.

Network Systems

MTR has the potential to help your business thrive by managing your network to run at peak performance.  Through our network design and services, we plan to save your business money and increase productivity.


Network switching, routing, and wireless communication is a critical part of all business transactions today.  Having a properly designed network system could be the competitive edge you need to excel beyond your competition.  


Knowing the hardware and having installed many different manufacturer’s equipment, we can help with the design and infrastructure for your network while providing you with many options.  We will tailor a network system to meet your communication requirements while staying well within your budget.  An efficient network system doesn’t always require a large budget. 

Camera Systems Installation

Keep your business connected and protected with the aid of our commercial grade security camera installation services. With a comprehensive walk through to map out the areas to be monitored, our technicians will provide you with an understanding of our monitoring capabilities. From vandal proof dome to bullet style cameras available in several different viewing resolutions, there are many different configurations to meet your monitoring needs.

The camera systems offer capabilities from onsite viewing and recording to remote viewing from a cell phone, tablet, or computer. Alarm functions can also be created to notify you of certain activities such as motion detection. Contact us for more details!

Data Cabling & Configuration

If you are looking for data cabling services, MTR has you covered.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you keep up with the ever-evolving communications technologies.  Regardless of the size or scope, our skilled technicians can assist you in keeping your communication systems operating smoothly and reliably.

We can complete infrastructure assessments that will identify and verify code compliant installations.  This includes verifying current installations as well as new installs.  Maximizing your return on investment by future-proofing your cables, we will provide you with many options that will give you the most advanced network possible to fit your budget.  We cannot wait to put our team to work optimizing your network.

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